Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Weekly Wednesdays: Master Bedroom Makeover

It all started with our desire to upgrade to a king size bed. After considering what we would do with our old bed and how the kids' rooms would be affected, we pulled the trigger and bought a whole bedroom set. So what was supposed to be an easy upgrade turned into more of a whole room makeover. We finally settled on the furniture, so now my head is spinning with ideas. Should we go light and airy with our bed linens, keep the room a calm and serene place? Or should we have a bright and cheerful room fit for an active family of five? I'd say the answer was pretty clear. I love color, I love cozy, and I especially love that when my kids use our bed as a landing pad (happens more often than not), I won't cringe at the ketchup stains they left behind! Here is my inspiration for the finished room. Bright bedding, colorful side tables, and a touch of sophistication with the art deco mirror and mercury glass vases (strategically placed high enough to avoid those messy fingerprints). I'll be sure to update when it's all said and done. Happy Wednesday, friends!  

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