Monday, March 16, 2015

Rain Check

Last month, my husband and me took a weekend getaway to New York City. While there, I had planned on wearing this outfit for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner out. However, Mother Nature was not having it and would have literally frozen off my tootsies had I worn this. forward to March and I still haven't had a chance to pair these red heels with anything. Looks like a date rain check is in our future!

Versona heels/similar

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  1. Love the red bag and red shoes! This outfit is totally up my alley. All basic pieces but definitely not a basic outfit. I love it!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  2. thats unfortunate, this is a really good outfit and it would have been awesome for valentines weekend in NYC but it looks stunning here too.

  3. I love your winter outfit . The red shoes are so gorgeous and charming. I love all the accessories here. The jackets are so beautiful . I also love womens cashmere sweaters . And the winter accessories here are really so fabulous and nice. Overall looking so wonderful.