Monday, March 2, 2015

Furry Collar

It usually takes a me a little while to jump on a trendy bandwagon, especially those that are realistic for a 30 something mother of three (no thank you, overalls)! But I did recently find this image and figured I'd give the furry collar a try. And happy I did! I adore the extra glam it adds to an otherwise basic outfit and plan on donning it over sweaters, coats, or even a casual dress (adorable here). See below for some faux fur options.

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  1. You always create the most stunning, perfectly polished outfits with jeans. Love this one and since I own all the pieces, will have to re-create it soon. =) Have a great Tuesday Brooke. Always lovely to see your outfits.

    Welcome by, Ada. =)

  2. I haven't been able to jump on the fur bandwagon either even though I've admired the looks. But I love this look on you and the added touch of the metallic clutch. Your hair also looks really pretty here.

  3. Those shoes fit you so well. And I love that it looks sexy on your feet. Great fur top too.

    Jessica |

  4. What a nice and lovely shirt. I love the shirts for my outfit. Non iron dress shirts are my favorite . I love the wool scarf also. So lovely t see the accessories here. Looking so pretty in this outfit.